Golden age, or it's time to take care of yourself...

Our project Aristocadia is dedicated to people who turned 50, but who are still young at heart and want to get the most out of their lives.

What we think about Golden Age

The major advantage of the Golden age is that it opens the way to your personal freedom. However, whether you use this opportunity or not, depends entirely on yourself.

Through our entire adult life we (or most of us) have to think about building a career, supporting a family, upbringing children and provide for their growth, participating in social activities, and so on.

Our choice of profession and all our activities in general are based on the need to earn money, support ourselves and our families, and save for retirement. These needs dictate also where we should live, work, and do business.

In addition to that, you have to follow certain rules of the society in order to be successful in your job or business. You have to behave according to certain norms, constantly limiting yourself in your needs and in the way how you would like to live.

And when you get married, have kids, and, at the same time, have to work on advancing in your career, your freedom becomes limited even more. Of course you get something else in return - what is important for you and what brings you a joy. But your freedom of choice and action is the price you pay for that.

Finally, at certain age, comes the moment when you realize that your children have grown up and became independent. In your career you have reached the point where everything that was possible has already been achieved and it makes no sense to try to do better.

Most importantly, you suddenly realize that the most part of your active life is probably behind you and not ahead as it used to be. The countdown has begun. That is why everything that you wanted to do in your life, but postponed to other times, you need to do now. The life will not give you another chance.

It is time for personal freedom, the time to realize what you dreamed about. The Golden age has come.